Co-Parent Communications: 5 Don’ts and 5 Do’s

by Betsy Ross on November 12, 2018

It can be a challenging journey to transition your relationship from married spouses to co-parenting partners. Following some good sense co-parenting guidelines can make it easier so feel free to give these a try:

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Keep Your Divorce Private and Productive and Focused on You

June 23, 2015

These days, mediation just might be the most efficient and private divorce process available. When you work with a skillful mediator or co-mediation team, negotiations between you and your spouse happen directly in the mediator’s comfortable office, away from the glare of courtroom lights. Financial and other personal information is shared and discussed between soon-to-be-exes […]

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Divorce Co-Mediation: Less Expensive And More Effective

June 23, 2015

Divorce co-mediation with two professionals (a psychotherapist mediator AND a family law attorney mediator) can help you have a gentler and less expensive divorce process now and help you plan for your life and your children’s lives, going forward. Having two professional minds working for you will ensure that no stone goes unturned when it […]

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It Takes More Than A Divorce To Stop Fighting!

May 29, 2015

Many divorcing and divorced couples continue to fight, even long after the divorce papers are signed and gathering dust. This is never good for anyone, and it can be particularly harmful for children. Read my article in the Huffington Post: HOW TO STOP FIGHTING

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What Does Marital Infidelity Mean To You?

July 8, 2014

Does infidelity mean your marriage is over and you need a divorce as soon as possible or is it worth considering the possibility that the marriage is in deep trouble, but can be saved? What to do, once you have learned your spouse has had an affair depends on your views about what cheating means. […]

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Divorce Co-Mediation For A Better Divorce 781.864.5031

March 21, 2014

What exactly is Divorce Co-Mediation and why is it better? When you choose a Massachusetts DIVORCE CO-MEDIATION process offered by a mediation team, with one Mediator who is also a licensed psychotherapist and a second Mediator, who is also a family law attorney, the advantages to you and your family are tremendous!  In private and […]

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The Power Of An Apology

February 19, 2014

There’s nothing like a heartfelt apology to help heal a relationship, even in the case of divorce. Read my newest article for the Huffington Post on the  impact one person’s apology had on a divorce mediation.  Go to: APOLOGY IN DIVORCE

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Who Needs a Divorce Coach?

July 3, 2011

Most people have heard of divorce attorneys and mediators, but what does a divorce coach do and who needs one? View this full post by Betsy Ross, LICSW at:

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Can My Marriage Be Saved? Maybe With Marital Mediation!

May 20, 2011

If the state of your marriage feels more like a barren wasteland than a warm tropical breeze, should you think about calling it quits or is there something you can do to make it better? Is it possible to breathe life into what may feel like a dead end to your marriage or is it […]

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