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by Monarch2 on March 21, 2014

What exactly is Divorce Co-Mediation and why is it better? When you choose a Massachusetts DIVORCE CO-MEDIATION process offered by a mediation team, with one Mediator who is also a licensed psychotherapist and a second Mediator, who is also a family law attorney, the advantages to you and your family are tremendous!  In private and comfortable surroundings, two mediators can help you to resolve your disputes and come to agreement on all of the important financial and planning issues (such as what happens to the family home, how will your assets and debts be divided, and where will each of you and the children live) AND you will also benefit from our additional expertise in creating better parenting plans (that take into account your children’s development, personalities, and emotional needs) as well as in helping each of you to plan for your own successful futures, moving forward. Each mediator brings their specialized knowledge, experience, and wisdom to your negotiation table to assist you in fully hearing and understanding the issues, each others’ interests, and your children’s needs, and in creative option generation to craft an agreement that works for each of you and for your children.

And, having two co-mediators working for you at once can make your mediation process more efficient and more effective in helping you settle your divorce and move forward. When it comes to your divorce, two heads working together for you really are better than one!

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