Can My Marriage Be Saved? Maybe With Marital Mediation!

by Monarch2 on May 20, 2011

If the state of your marriage feels more like a barren wasteland than a warm tropical breeze, should you think about calling it quits or is there something you can do to make it better? Is it possible to breathe life into what may feel like a dead end to your marriage or is it time to start packing up the cut glass pitcher from Aunt Susie?

Before you begin to wrestle with the ‘do I stay or do I go’ question, you might first consider a different question: Is it worth it to you both to work on improving your marriage or do you just want out? (This is where any effort to try and do things differently must begin). Many experts say that you might as well do what you have to do to make this marriage work as chances are pretty good that the next marriage (or relationship) will also have problems, complications, and difficult issues that need to be addressed. In other words, wherever we go, we take all of our baggage and our unhelpful ways of dealing (or not dealing) with the issues at hand with us. So, why not stick around and see if you can learn a thing or two about how to get along better?

If you and your spouse would like to work to improve how you relate and possibly build a more satisfying and enjoyable union, consider Marital Mediation.

What on earth is Marital Mediation you may ask? It is a solution focused, here and now oriented process where couples learn how to: Communicate better, resolve conflicts in a healthy manner, understand and appreciate differences in relating styles, and develop realistic expectations for what the marriage can and cannot provide. Trained Marital Mediators work with couples and teach them the tools they need to build a better and more mutually satisfying relationship. Please note that it doesn’t work if only one spouse is on board, however, as improving married life definitely takes two! And, it also helps if both spouses understand and are willing to take responsibility for their efforts inĀ  incorporating what they have learned to relate differently.

Doing the same thing over and over won’t bring different results but committing to doing things differently, together in a more productive fashion can save your marriage and make life more harmonious for both of you! Want to know more about Marital Mediation? Contact us and we’ll fill you in.

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