Divorce Co-Mediation: Less Expensive And More Effective

by Monarch2 on June 23, 2015

Divorce co-mediation with two professionals (a psychotherapist mediator AND a family law attorney mediator) can help you have a gentler and less expensive divorce process now and help you plan for your life and your children’s lives, going forward. Having two professional minds working for you will ensure that no stone goes unturned when it comes to disentangling from each other and in planning for a better future for everyone. Because we charge the same fees for two co-mediators as most firms do for only one, you can work with your co-mediation team efficiently and cost effectively—for thousands less than for a litigated divorce!

“Divorce mediation needs to be more than just dividing up assets and debt, creating a parenting schedule, and saying goodbye. Our Co-mediation process offers clients an opportunity to think about, talk through, and plan a realistic future life for the whole family” says Betsy Ross, LICSW, Principal co-mediator at DivorceMediationStrategies.Com. “Where you all will live and on what is very, very important, but HOW you will live is important, too. We listen for your ideas on this and make certain to think this through and talk it out with you”, says mediator Ross.

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