The Results Are In: Divorce Mediation Has a Positive Effect On Parenting!

by Betsy Ross LICSW CGP on October 27, 2010

Based on a 12 year study on the effects of divorce mediation by Dr. Robert Emery, parents who used divorce mediation rather than litigation had closer relationships with their children. Individuals who had mediated family divorces reported  greater involvement between nonresidential parents and their children on a variety of important issues including: school, religion, vacations, recreation,holidays and other significant events.

This group also reported more frequent contact between parents and their children than did families who litigated and had a judge decide on the terms of their parenting plan and divorce agreement. When asked how the nonresidential parent was doing across a variety of parenting areas, they were consistently viewed more positively and given higher parenting scores among families where divorce mediation services had been utilized.

Good news for families choosing divorce mediation!

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