When Talk Turns to Divorce

by Betsy Ross LICSW CGP on August 29, 2010

divorce_2_jcgaWhen talk turns to divorce, it usually means that the possibilities to make the marriage work have been exhausted and the troubling emotions that go along with a relationship in transition are being felt. This can be a very difficult time to try to figure out how to end the marriage and how to go forward and begin a new life. But that’s exactly what needs to be done.

Once the decision to end a marriage has been made, a cascade of new issues, many with far-reaching effects, need to be addressed, including:

– Should I call a collaborative attorney? Mediator? Litigator?
– How will the property be divided?
– What will happen to: Retirement accounts? Pensions? Coin collections? Artwork?
– Will we be selling the house? Looking for a new place? Staying with family?
– When will I see the kids? Where will we/they live?
– What about alimony? Child support? How much?

Other decisions you’ll need to make concerning your life going forward, might include:

    – What town will I live in?
    – What kind of lifestyle can I expect?
    – What are my chances for happiness?
    – When will dating become an option?
    – What changes in my day to day life would I like to see?
    – Where do I see myself in 2, 5, 10 years?

The emotions that typically accompany the end of a marriage can be distracting, exhausting, and make it difficult to focus on the issues you must decide on for a soft landing onto the long road ahead.

Join us for a 4 part series designed to address your questions in a confidential and supportive environment regarding the legal, financial, and emotional aspects of making the transition from married to un-married and planning for a soft landing. Women’s and Men’s workshop groups now forming in Stoughton.

The cost of the four part series will be $200. and will include guest speakers: an Attorney/Mediator and a Divorce Financial Planner who will help answer your questions. For more information and to register contact: betsyross1@comcast.net

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