Hit & Run Divorce: The Worst Way to Travel

February 22, 2011

What’s worse than a couple constantly arguing their way to a final separation? The Hit & Run – the one that you never see coming. Susan Pease Gadoua discusses the ‘Hit and Run Divorce’ in her HuffPost article How Not to Tell Your Spouse You Want Out Of The Marriage.  This occurs when one spouse, seemingly […]

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When It Comes To Divorce: If You Win, Must I Lose?

February 11, 2011

If one spouse’s gain (having some extra time with the kids over the holidays or keeping the family home) is viewed by the other spouse as a loss (I want the kids for the whole summer if you’re getting that extra 10 days during the holidays…) then trouble is on the horizon! “We are at war here” is a […]

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Co-Parenting is For Forever

February 7, 2011

It seems like a cruel joke! You can get out of a bad relationship by breaking up, separating, or divorcing, but if there are kids involved, then you’re stuck together for life. Not only are you doomed to have to know each other forever, but you will also have to work on strengthening your co-parenting […]

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How to Help Friends And Family Talk With You About Your Divorce

February 4, 2011

While we receive an education in algebra, english grammar, and American history, we don’t necessarily learn how to talk to our loved ones about the end of their marriage. So, when it comes to your best friend, your brother, your poker buddy, or your office mate, they are going to need a lot of help in learning […]

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I’m Moving Out…Into Our Basement!

January 31, 2011

“We want a divorce, but our house is worth less than we bought it for and we can’t afford two residences” has become a mantra among today’s divorcing couples. With unemployment at an all time high, housing prices ‘under water’, and a sluggish economy, many divorcing couples are becoming much more creative and working together when it comes to living […]

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His and Hers and Hers: When “the Ex” is a Big Part of Your Marriage

January 17, 2011

Recently, I heard about a family that regularly vacations together as follows: Dad and his new wife, both children, and their Mom (Dad’s ex-wife) all travel together for a 1-2 week vacation at least once, sometimes twice a year. Naturally, this set off a stream of questions in my mind: How is this possible that ex-spouses would ever […]

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How To Handle A Co-Parenting Breakdown

January 11, 2011

What is a co-parenting breakdown? It can take many forms, but generally it includes a lack of cooperation or disregard by your ex in terms of mutually  agreed upon parenting plan issues such as: on-time pick ups/drop offs, communicating important information about the children, following agreed upon structure, discipline, and rituals, respecting the ‘No Negative Comments About Your […]

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The Road To Your Children’s Happiness and Good Health? Giving Thanks!

January 5, 2011

Giving thanks is good for your health and overall happiness! Adults who stop to smell (and feel grateful for) the roses have more energy, are more optimistic about life, have more social connections and report feeling happier than their less grateful counterparts. Those who take time and energy to find and appreciate what is good are less […]

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How To Help Your Children Through The Holidays

December 3, 2010

For some children, the holidays can be stressful and confusing. Family plans and celebrations may be complicated. Dr. David Fassler’s article:  10 Tips for Helping Your Child Cope with Holiday Stress huffingtonpost.com, on helping children cope with holiday stress has many helpful tips for surviving the holidays! May we add that talking in advance with your children […]

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The Results Are In: Divorce Mediation Has a Positive Effect On Parenting!

October 27, 2010

Based on a 12 year study on the effects of divorce mediation by Dr. Robert Emery, parents who used divorce mediation rather than litigation had closer relationships with their children. Individuals who had mediated family divorces reported  greater involvement between nonresidential parents and their children on a variety of important issues including: school, religion, vacations, recreation,holidays and other significant events. […]

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