Co-Parenting is For Forever

by Betsy Ross LICSW CGP on February 7, 2011

It seems like a cruel joke! You can get out of a bad relationship by breaking up, separating, or divorcing, but if there are kids involved, then you’re stuck together for life. Not only are you doomed to have to know each other forever, but you will also have to work on strengthening your co-parenting relationship, improve your communication skills, level with each other, and listen to feedback that you may not really wish to hear IF you truly want your kids to do well.

Co-parenting demands a tremendous amount of fortitude (and maturity) on everyone’s part as you’d probably prefer to run for the hills or throw rotten tomatoes at your ex rather than have an ongoing conversation with them about your children’s toileting habits, homework assignments, or ice hockey equipment. However difficult this may seem, it is absolutely required that you talk to each other regularly and fully about how your children are doing, share your concerns and strategize as to how you can both work better together. Why? Because it is very confusing and can even be harmful for children to  have to go from one house to the other and experience two different sets of rules, two different ideas about parenting, and no communication between each household.

What has your co-parenting relationship been like? Any ideas on how to do it better? Send us your comments below and fill us in on what works best or doesn’t work at all for co-parents.

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